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CanadianChick 04-22-2013 09:55 AM

New to low carb'ing
Hi everyone,

Don't know how active this forum is but have some question's so hoping a couple people are still around and can offer some help.

Picked up four different Atkins books all the newer ones then found this site with the 72 one and think it will work better for me once I figure things out.

Decided it was time for a lifestyle change on March 15th when the scale read 231.5 so joined a fitness site and started tracking calories and exercise and have gone down 17 pounds as of today but with no real plan in mind and kept finding myself munching on chips.. (my food of choice when bored :sad: ).

So Friday started the low carb and was doing the 20 grams one until I found this site yesterday and going for 6 carbs or less if I can.

But I'm still not sure if I'm doing it right :dunno:

Under the "1972 Atkin's plan by the book" it says not to count calories,
BUT is that for people who worry about going over on calories?
I tend to be fairly low on the calorie count and even more so now.
Yesterday's logged as an even 1000 calories and today's plan comes in at 1189. (I'm 5 feet tall).

Also a question about meats,
I was told to keep an eye on the amount of protein if doing low/no carbs But as I don't like eggs or cheese, I've been eating a lot of meat so I don't know if my protein numbers are too high?
Such as -

Todays meal plan numbers:
Calories - 1189
Carbs - 5
Protein - 108
Sodium - 1536
Fiber - 2
Fat - 81

For supplements I take:
3 fiber supplement caplets with breakfast
3 Calcium Magnesium + Zinc caplets
3 Omega 3-6-9 soft gels and then
1-3 Potassium tablets daily.
Also caffeine tablets if I get a lack of caffeine headache (gave up my pop and don't drink coffee and these help me not land in jail from beating annoying people :o)

I haven't been craving anything, no hunger pains, headaches (aside from my normal afternoon caffeine one) or any other side effect people claimed I'd have from cutting out carbs.

So does anyone think this is ok or should I change things around?

*Also most of my fat numbers are coming from Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise for my tuna, I don't know if that matters or not..

118target 04-22-2013 10:04 AM

well, I think the NEW Atkins is more balanced; and you will need to get some source of fiber going on. e.g. flax or something. I remember the Atkins from the 70's, it was popular in our house. It might do ya for a little while to drop a few quick pounds to help you stay motivated; but long term go with the revised version. They want to make sure you eat your greens, dont overdue the dairy and stuff like that. If you still need motivation, (like we all do on certain days) what would be your carrot? My husband offered me a bunch of money and surprisingly it was the boost I needed.. LOL.

ravenrose 04-22-2013 10:23 AM

I think your best bet is to just do it for awhile. To be honest, at your weight I think you will be pretty successful without getting all caught up in the nuances.

It takes awhile to get into the swing of it, to learn to love low carbing. After a good long while, if you get to a point where you are not losing and still want/need to, you can think in detail about calories and protein and all...

I do think you should do that Atkins plan that subtracts fiber out. we really DON'T digest fiber as carb, and by counting total carbs rather than net you are bound to short yourself on vegetables. Vegetables make low carbing fun, delicious, varied, and I think healthier.

good luck!

CanadianChick 04-22-2013 10:25 AM

I add in salad or what passes as a salad to my picky'ness which is mostly different types of lettuce and a few thin cucumber slices every time I eat which works out to about 100 grams.

I actually don't do dairy which is why the DR said to add in the calcium supplements, I will eat Cheese But it leaves me painfully bloated so try and avoid it.

I'm not really looking for quick for once, Just something that I can stick with long term so I don't end up back having a big bag of chips for meals again.

Not sure I have a carrot, just turned 34 and don't want to keep living like I used too,
Kids are almost all raised up and should be out on their own in 2/3 years and are busy with their own lives so getting healthy and active is the main goal.
I don't think hubby offering me money would help after 18 years together he has no control of the money :laugh:

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