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callison28 03-12-2013 11:27 AM

Atkins '72 for food addict?
I started the Atkins program about 2 weeks ago in hopes that it would be the cure for my food addiction. I just got in the '72 version of the book because I did not like how the new books seem to just push the sales of those frankenfoods. Here is a little background on me... I have struggled with sugar addiction most of my life. My weight has yo-yo'ed with my lowest being 112 in my early 20's and my highest being 154 after the birth of my 2nd child. I am currently 142. I want to weigh around 120 because it is where I feel best. I am 5'4" and have a small frame. I lost my post-pregnancy pounds by eating a natural food diet consisting of lean meats, lots of greens, and an occasional starch. Fairly low fat aside from some olive oil tossed in my veggies. I was very happy with this WOE and got down to about 122 with little effort. I seemed to have developed some body image problems and wanted to become too thin, so I began cutting my portions and going on basically a starvation diet. I was exercising constantly. I felt deprived for so long, and I finally gave in and had a piece of chocolate pie. That led me to eating the whole thing. Afterwards, this became a regular occurrence. Eventually, I was eating a gallon of ice cream, followed by several candy bars. I have continued to exercise, but I have gained 20 lbs and feel miserable. The more I gain, the less I feel like exercising. I have dieted without binging several times and cannot lose the weight even on 1200 calories and exercise 6 or more hours per week.

Fast forward to the past 2 weeks. I am trying Atkins induction. I am tired of exercising all the time, so I am currently doing about 3 hours per week. I hope to increase this when I get to feeling like moving. This extra weight makes me feel like a slug. I had one sugar binge 5 days ago and cannot get back into ketosis. I only enjoyed one day of ketosis prior to this. Atkins 72 says you can eat as much as you like as long as you eat no carbs. It seems that I am continuing my behavior on "legal" foods. I have cut out diet soda and limited my cheese to 1 oz per day. The rest of my diet is meat, eggs, mayo, and 1-2 small servings of green veggies. I am consuming tons of meat though. I bet I ate 2lb of shrimp, crawfish, and crabs this morning. Can overeating prevent ketosis although it is legal foods? Should I eat literally zero carbs for now (meaning no veggies?) If I stick it out and control my portions, can I have a higher hope of getting into ketosis? What about intermittent fast? or a fat fast?

I think my body produces massive amounts of insulin in response to any food intake because of the past year of massive sugar binges. It is like if I do not eat at all, I am not hungry, but once I take a bite, I cannot stop eating. I never experienced this prior to the first binge episode. I used to enjoy sugar a lot, but I never binged like that prior to trying to lose too much weight. I think about food all day long. I thought your appetite went away! That's why I wanted to do this to begin with.

Also, I do not want to do "low carb" forever. I do not want to go back to SAD, but I absolutely love fresh fruit. I don't really care for grains and I will learn to live without sweets, but I would love to be able to have 1-2 pieces of fruit per day. I also love sweet potatoes with the skin on them. I don't have to eat them every day, but I would love to have one 3x/week or so. Is there any hope that if I fix my insulin resistance with VLC that I will eventually be able to have these foods?

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