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scintillady 06-01-2013 02:04 PM

so upset at myself!
Yesterday I "fell off the wagon" with the drinking. I have not gone off plan with the low carb WOE at all for a month, and I had been doing well on the drinking also. I decided to test whether I could have a glass of wine in moderation last night when a friend came over. I found that this is not possible for me. I'm trying not to beat myself up over this, as the saying goes "one day at a time" and today is a new day. At least I learned. I've been wondering if I could ever drink in moderation again, and I guess I found out. At least I stuck to low carb and didn't eat anything off plan.

Doggygirl 06-01-2013 04:08 PM

Hi scintillady. Your post really touched me because I can relate - I've been down a long and winding road with alcohol (and wine in particular!). I just wanted to share that I agree with you - it IS important to resolve that question - can I or can't I drink safely (moderately). As long as I had reservations about that, I battled with alcohol. I finally figured out that for myself, I just can't drink safely. It wasn't always a bad experience, but I couldn't really predict when it would be OK and when it wouldn't. Not good. That was five years ago.

It was initially difficult to give up alcohol but in retrospect, it really didn't take THAT long to be completely comfortable without it. Quitting drinking was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself. (that and quitting smoking LOL!)

So - I think you can feel good that you've figured out an important piece of information. Definitely don't beat yourself up. 10% of adults cannot handle/process alcohol like the other 90% can. That's just the way it is and is not the result of us doing something wrong or bad.

Well - that's my first post in a while and I hope I didn't go on too much. Good luck to you.


Doggygirl 06-01-2013 07:34 PM

Hi again scintillady. I saw your other post where you mentioned you had stopped drinking for 20 days and were disappointed about no weight loss. CONGRATULATIONS on the 20 days!!!!!! - and BTW this recent experiment with drinking moderately does not take away the fact that you went 20 days alcohol free! You did it before and now you can do it again if that is what you choose.

Something about that post reminded me of me. When I first started trying to quit drinking (and was off and on with that) in 2007 I also went for periods of low carb and experienced what you did - no weight loss. Someone suggested I read one of Suzanne Somers books. I think it was The Sexy Years that I read. That was the first I saw of information about hormones, thyroid, etc. and how whacky all that can get as we age. I followed the suggestions in that book to find a doctor and get some hormone testing. In my case, we discovered some problems that were easily resolved with bioidentical hormones, and I was able to lose weight after that following a low carb diet.

I have since re-gained part of the weight I lost because I let sugar back into my life (a gateway food-drug for me) but that is another story. I was just thinking I would suggest that book to you as someone suggested to me long ago. You might find it interesting.

Good luck!


Patience 06-03-2013 06:29 AM

scintillady, just dust yourself off and start again, so the song goes.
That "Can I now drink moderately?" is a lure that can snag us now and then.
The answer for me is yes I can for a while, but it always leads to more over time.
I 've accepted that pattern. I've learned that it is just not worth it. The pleasure, if any, is so fleeting. And for me, it really has begun to affect the waist line as I've grown older, as if I need another reason not to drink. You've accomplished a lot in a short time and this slip is just that, a blip on your journey.

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