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dipgal 01-01-2013 02:42 PM

Daily Alcohol Self-Challenge
It's January 1, 2013! Is alcohol affecting your health and weight? Do you want to abstain ?? Would you like to Moderate?? Sometimes have a DD?? Something in between? You set your own goal on a weekly or monthly basis!

AF=Alcohol Free Day
MOD= Moderation day (whatever that means to you)
DD=Drinking Day

Check in here daily to get/give support and be accountable. Let your friends know how you are doing. Use it as your self-journal. No judgement or criticism!!!...

I'll start... I am starting a 30 day AL free challenge tomorrow because of a Paleo template I am following - maybe 35 days (I have an all-inclusive vacation on 2/6 and I may as well do this up until that time). This will be difficult because I do have an emotional dependency and it's a huge habit with DH and myself. I'll check in here daily and hope that all entries are AF!

Join in!

MsWoods 01-02-2013 08:25 AM

I could have wrote your post myself. This is me. I'm not giving a time frame I'm just saying every day is 1 day I don't drink. Today is day 1. I have huge issues with alcohol and so does my bf. Alcohol is my problem in weight loss. I was down to 204.5 this summer and then I started drinking again and I'm back up to around 250. I just need to stay away from it all together. It's hard because there really hasn't been a thread with people that post often with similar issues as me.

Even if I just have 1 person it would help out alot. I told bf I don't want alcohol brought in the house. We finished everything off last night. Except 2 beers that I need to throw away. He is planning on drinking on the weekends but not around me. But a lot of times he gives in when I say I'm craving or even encourages me to drink with him.

I can say we are both alcoholics. He does not believe that. I can admit it. However I can go 3-4 months without drinking a drop, then have months of binging. I need to get back into my no drinking which I'm determined to do as of today.

It's nice meeting you Judy, I hope you post often.

2f2f 01-02-2013 01:20 PM

I have a problem with alcohol also, I just love beer. I also finished off what I had last night (which is why my start day is today). I know when I drink I feel bad and I gain weight. I am going to try a 30 day challenge myself and see if I can go that long without a beer. I have never done that before. I will be here to support you both and we can do this together.

dipgal 01-02-2013 03:51 PM

Hi Michelle and 2F2F! DH still finishing up the hard liquor in the house today and... UGH, well I just caved in and poured a glass of wine. I just HATE feeling deprived. I think I'll take each day at a time also (good idea Ms Woods) and any day I can be AF is a plus! I will try AF again tomorrow! For today I hope not to pour anymore than this one glass. Compared to the quantity of vodka and rum and mixers I have been drinking over the last few weeks one glass of wine (or 1.5) is nothing. I know I am rationalizing...:sad:

This glass of wine will fall under my allotment of carbs/calories for the day.. And, tomorrow is another day! I have done fine with my food intake and the rest of the evening is planned.. I am not a night eater (thankfully!).

2f2f 01-03-2013 08:01 AM

Judy, don't beat yourself up over the slip - it happens. I agree, if you have been drinking more than a glass of wine and then only had a glass you still consumed way less calories and way less alcohol. So it was still a step in the right direction.

I made it through 1 day - whew. Which was a little difficult, my sister came over for dinner and brought some hard liquor - and normally she is very pushy to get me to drink with her. She is also overweight and unhappy and missery loves company, but I did not partake. I'm trying to get her to start this journey with me it would be much easier if we were encouraging each other - time will tell. Anyway, I then had a softball game last night and the team went to the bar after the game to have a beer and I went home :sad: - this will be the hardest for me - I love hanging out with the team and having a beer it's a lot of fun.

Well, good luck today ladies and hang in there - we will take this one day at a time and will eventually meet our goals!

MsWoods 01-03-2013 08:01 AM

Sigh. Yeah. So yesterday didn't go well but I will not beat myself up over it. I was good all day. Got home after shopping for LC groceries and started relaxing. I went to open the window on my front door and noticed it was stuck. Then I noticed some pry marks on the outside frame. Someone tried to break in my house yesterday. They did not get in thank God. But I was shaken up the rest of the night and my anxiety was at a very high level. My insides were shaking for hours and I finally gave in and had a few vodka/diet sodas. I know it wasn't the best thing to do but if that wouldn't have happened yesterday I would have been ok. Today is a new day and a fresh start. So yeah.

Judy I'm with you lol. This is so hard. I know once I'm a few days in sober I'll be fine.

2f2f-how did you do last night? I got into beer when I discovered the Miller 64. Love the stuff. It's the best LC option I've ever came across. However, my real vice is Vodka.

Edit: haha 2f2f we posted at the same time. Too funny. I'm very proud of you. Is it too much temptation if you go hang out with the team and just have a diet soda? It probably would be for me.

2f2f 01-03-2013 01:15 PM

How scary someone trying to break in - that is crazy. I did want to compliment you on your WL - I see in your stats you started at 399 and are now at 245 that is so awesome.

I probably would be too tempted to go with the team - I know I would not say no - it was easy with my sister as it was early evening and I had to play softball later that night, but after the game :-( The bar is less than a mile from my house - I normally only have 1 or 2 but still I just started back to LC and am trying to not have one so I didn't go. I know this will get tougher and tougher.

We will do this, we just have to keep moving forward. Even if it is that we drink less and less until it is eventually only at special occassions or not at all.

Whispr99 01-03-2013 06:59 PM

I'm sorry I don't have a profile pic or any info -- I will provide that shortly -- but I just had to chime in right away and join this challenge. I've been searching for others who admit to overindulging while trying to be low-carb, with no success. I thought I was the only one. Thanks so much for starting this thread!!

I definitely have issues and the evidence is seen in my apple-shaped body (wine gut). I guess I'm a so-called "functional alcoholic" because I'm perfectly successful in my job (though it's hardly demanding) and haven't had any life-changing crises due to drinking. But my minimum 1-bottle-of-wine-a-day habit has been haunting me for some time now.

Frankly, I'm motivated by vanity -- DH and I are going on a beach vacation in 3 weeks. He drinks too but hardly as much as I do and weighs less than me :sad:. I'm not sure what tactic I'll try to cut back. I'm thinking as a start, no drinking alone. (which I do a lot).

So glad you ladies are out there! Good luck to us all!

snowdancer79 01-03-2013 09:43 PM

Hi ladies:)

I was hoping someone would start another alcohol thread! My name is Terra and I love alcohol. I have a couple of cocktails every night, and on the weekends, breakfast is often a bacon bloody mary at the ski hill. I have guilt, but it's so hard to stop. It's nice to hear from other people that have the same difficulties I do.

:heart: Terra

MsWoods 01-04-2013 09:48 AM

Whisper and Terra, I'm so glad you guys are here. You have no idea (or you probably do lol) how great it feels to have a few people struggling with similar issues as myself. There is a lot of support on these boards but the alcohol thing I have really been all alone in, and it's my biggest issue. When I don't drink I lose weight just fine. I cannot lose weight when I drink, though. I'm just so glad to have found this thread and I hope even if some of us do drink you will stick around because it feels great having this place to come.

Ok, so, I finished up the tiny amount of vodka I had last night, it didn't do anything, but I finished it and I'm done. For sure. I actually was really proud of myself because when I got home from work I kept looking at the bottle saying, that's not enough I need to get more. If this is going to be my last night, I might as well get trashed. I fought that all night and didn't get more. I was proud. And this morning I feel so much better. No headache, no hot red face, just, feel alright. I think the one thing that really is getting to me is me saying, ok this is it, no more. And then wanting to go one more day because this is it. Like I'm never going to drink again, which I know is a lie. Eh. Just going to try to get through today, then 2 days, then a week.

Whispr99 01-04-2013 03:46 PM

MsWoods -- congrats on not caving in!! OMG, I know that feeling of eyeing the bottle, estimating what's left. That is so great you resisted the temptation even if just for one night. I can't think of the last night I didn't have at least one glass of wine. Years, really.

Terra -- I have never heard of a bacon bloody mary! is there bacon-flavored vodka out there?

leaving30something 01-04-2013 04:42 PM

Mswoods eek that is scary and definately disturbing! I just subscribed to this thread because I to am in the same boat with drinking. I'm not a problem drinker, don't get crazy or irrational or into any trouble... But I drink pretty much on a daily basis. Sometimes is a glass or two of wine and sometimes I do rum and diet. Drinking has absolutely become my main hurdle because I eat pretty good even off plan but drinkin also makes me reach for the bag of chips ect...my husband is also in the same boat so sometimes when I have it under control he doesn't and vice versa. My goal was to stop drinking during the week, but I wanted to go 15 days since I am stating over with traditional atkins induction. However I already started a drink going with vodka diet coke on advice of another Lc friend. She says its the purest and ill get used to it, lol. Anyhow we are all in this together, it's nice to see an active thread with this kind of issue!

snowdancer79 01-04-2013 04:48 PM

The bacon bloody mary is pretty amazing. I think it might be Absolut Bacon they use, with a piece of bacon on a stick as a garnish. It's a full meal in a pint glass!

Michelle, you are not alone. If I don't stop at the liquour store on the way home, I spend all night obsessing about making an LQ run. Sometimes I can resist, most of the time I can't. I have 3 kids and a loving but difficult husband, and a full time job. I feel streched to the max mosty of the time, and alcohol feels like my only vacation from reality.

leaving30something 01-04-2013 05:26 PM

Snowdancer I can completely relate! Coming home sitting having a few drinks is my time. I hate to give that up. I'm trying to find somedays that my time might be reading or something but it hard.

2f2f 01-05-2013 09:21 AM

Hey ladies, just checking in. I am definately know where you all are coming from. I have now gone 3 days without a drink (today will make 4) and it has been extremely difficult - I almost caved yesterday I was really wanting one. I'm glad I didn't. So 27 days left to my 30 day self challenge - 26 if I make it through today.

MsWoods 01-05-2013 11:41 AM

Yep I feel the same snow dancer. I get anxious if I don't have it around.

I'm on day two myself. Yesterday was a *****. I didn't think I was going to make it. Hopefully today will be a little easier. I keep telling myself if I drink ill be all the way back at day one.

Boogie Momma 01-05-2013 01:57 PM

9 years of battling the alcohol monster and day 4 without drinking. I was checking out low carb sites and am so glad I happened upon this thread!! On Jan 2 I went back to low carb and decided that this time I would do it without alcohol. In 2006 I lost 30 lbs low carbing and working out BUT I had nightly lite beer (several of them!!) then switched to vodka and diet drinks. Eventually I started back to snacking on junk and spiraled into my highest weight (240 on a 5'4" frame). My boxes of red wine were being drained far too quickly for the past two years and I started having heart palpitations at night. I felt like if I didn't change quickly I would die. My big 4-0 birthday is in August and before that we have a trip to Hawaii planned in late June. I MUST make changes and I KNOW I need support to do it. I haven't told my family about low carbing and alcohol fasting because they are too easy on me. I need online friends who will tell me like it is and kick my butt sometimes. Thanks for the rant, thanks for the thread!

leaving30something 01-05-2013 06:01 PM

I was not so good last night did have a couple vodka and diet sodas which was very risky because I am only a couple days into induction but I did manage to stay away from the potato chips. Tonight i was determined not to drink and almost had a michelob ultra with my wings but decided against it. So far so good! I bought the ketosis strips today so and yup Im in Ketosis! This helped me to stay away for today. It really is an each day thing. I am not ready to commit to anything long term. I will be happy with each day that I am not drinking and knowing my body can burn off thes fat rolls instead of alcohol!

dipgal 01-06-2013 08:23 AM

Welcome to the new challengers!
Hi everyone! Just checking in. I haven't been as good as I want to be and I started this challenge, so I'm a bit embarrassed by it. Congrats to those who are reaching their goals! And for those who aren't (like me) today is another day and we are given a chance to try again. One thing I am trying not to do is to beat myself up. I know it takes action not just a goal, but I am really trying - and if I slip on this 25+ year habit I don't want to get down on myself. It'll only make it worse.

The good news is - if it is up front in our minds we are paying attention to it. I know for me I decided to go totally AF, but instead I have been moderating since Wednesday. That is a huge change from most of December when I drank excessive amounts of hard liquor and mixers daily while in party mode.

I'll have some wine today and try to be AF again tomorrow and for 30 days... with the only exception being out socializing. I live for fun! I do NOT want to drink at home after today and I will not have anything in my house to drink after today. I am too lazy to run out to the store, so if there isn't anything here I'll be okay. Hopefully one good day will lead to another...etc.

Hugs to all!


MsWoods 01-06-2013 09:05 AM

Hmph. Saturday got me too. This is why I love Sundays because the liquor store isn't open. Today is the day for me. At least for a week. I'm telling myself a week so I don't feel like oh I'm never going to have it.

dipgal 01-06-2013 12:24 PM

Michelle, in our state they make you wait until noon to buy alcohol on Sunday. I sometimes wish I couldn't get any.. it would force me to stop! Enjoy your day!

2f2f 01-06-2013 05:36 PM

Well I caved and had a 6 pack yesterday, I did buy Miller 64 - not that it matters. Here in Arizona they sell alcohol starting at 6 on sundays and even the 7-11, CVS and Walgreens sell hard liquor and beer it's insane. I cooked a whole bunch today and stayed away from any alcohol. Hope everyone is doing good. Have a great night.

leaving30something 01-06-2013 07:58 PM

Made it through 2 more nights which I feel good about. I plan stay stay AF throughout the week. I think I'm going to get a small calendar and count each day I don't drink that way I can track how I feel and if I lose and hopefully use that as motivation. By the way my husband drives me crazy bringing it up every two seconds how I've gone another night and making it through to the 3rd day in a row how that will be the rough day blah blah blah. All this while he was pouring cocktail after cocktail. :dunno:

BTW Judy do NOT feel embarrassed! I am so glad you stated this thread and we are all in the same boat.

MsWoods 01-07-2013 07:04 AM

Day two here. I feel alright. I just know I need to get my stuff together so I'm trying my darndest.

2f2f 01-07-2013 07:19 AM

Just checking in and wishing everyone a great day. Good Luck on staying AF this week!

dipgal 01-07-2013 08:13 AM

Feeling good and motivated today.. Just weighed myself for the first time after the holiday season and I am up 5 lbs. Not too bad for me! I have changed my stats.

Today WILL be AF.. I have no wine in the house and will not go out to get any. If I can get one good day under my belt where I survive I should be fine.

Question - When you choose not to drink, do you substitute with a mocktail or just ignore the need to have a glass or can around you? I am thinking of what I can put in a pretty glass that is low carb and not artificial, but that will not get me out of the habit of having to reach for fluids during the cocktail hour.

2f2f 01-07-2013 08:46 AM

Judy you will do great today I just know it.

As for your question, it seems like I'm always reaching for something so I always have a glass of water right beside me. I think it helps.

leaving30something 01-07-2013 05:32 PM

I have green tea, detox tea, and other herbal teas. I'm on day 3 in a row. It's hard. I put stars on my calendar so I can see all my AF days and its pretty exciting to see so many.

leaving30something 01-08-2013 04:39 AM

So I woke up with a horrible headache. Not sure if its because I'm doing induction. Or the alcohol. But ugh I was supposed to wake up refreshed after 3 days.

dipgal 01-08-2013 05:56 AM

Sorry you aren't feeling well Leaving30something! It's probably detox from doing Induction AND from alcohol!

I did really well last night but not quite 100%. DH had his red wine in the house which I don't care for because it's too dry. I just was obsessed with it.. So, I got myself a pretty tall glass and filled it with ice. Put about 4 oz of the red wine in there and filled it to the brim with club soda, a couple of drops of stevia and squeezed lime. It was delicious and satisfying. I nursed it during the hours from 5-6:30.

I just know this addiction/obsession is emotional. I was so cranky all day because I wasn't going to have anything to drink.. Thought about how horrible it was that I wasn't going to have a glass of wine all day. NOT a way to live. Once I took two sips of my "wine cooler" I felt calm and happy. Of course, it couldn't have been the wine.. it was just my subconscious being comfortable that I wasn't giving up an ingrained habit.

Today I'll try to have the "cooler" without the wine. But if I want to put a splash of it in I will.

Have a good day!

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